Got Stuck With 0 Byte Outlook Error? Get It Resolved

by Andy Wosko | On April 17, 2018 | Under Outlook PST Repair

Outlook has an amazing storage facility. But most often it encounters several technical glitches such as corruption, extra large files and other errors which prevent you to access files. One of the most bizarre errors is “0 Byte PST file”. Most of the Outlook users aren’t aware of this error and hence find it difficult to resolve it manually.

Here below we have compiled comprehensive facts for Outlook 0 byte errors. Pay a glance.

What is 0 Byte Error?
In this error, a normally working PST file starts showing up as 0 byte PST file and makes the data inaccessible to users. This is one of the most puzzling errors that are difficult to recover. There is a possibility to the file appears by using Window search but the user can open the file and access the data stored in it.

What is the root cause of this Error?

There is no particular way to find out what causing the 0-byte error on your PST file. One of the several reasons is the hardware corruption. Also, the updates in the Windows can promote this error in some cases.

 How to Recover 0 Byte Errors?

As the 0-byte error makes it difficult to access Outlook PST files for you. The sudden appearance of this error can be really troublesome, in order to get rid of this issue with manual methods, keep on reading:

How to recover data from PST backup?

First and foremost thing that every Outlook user should be habitual of is backing up your PST data so that it can be recovered in the case of emergency. It’s really easy to retrieve data from PST backup.

How to retrieve data from Archived PST files?

If you are not used to backup data on regular basis, you got another option to recover PST file data from archived PST files.

Archived files have no specific location, but can be found on different locations at your system. So search for the particular PST files you want to recover and get it back with few mouse clicks.

Alternative Method:

If both the above-mentioned methods do not work for you and want something instant, try DataInfoTools Outlook PST repair. This tool is loaded with amazing features which will help you get back your data without degrading the quality of your data. There is no skill set is required to make this tool work. It’s as easy as typing and clicking your mouse. The basic computer knowledge is enough for you.

More about this tool:

Some other features are also available which are not listed below. Just use it once and feel its comprehensiveness on your own. To try it for the first time, the trial version is also available. So, don’t panic over such issues and get it done with this brilliant piece of software.


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