Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

What are Cookies and "how they have been used" is comprehensively mentioned in this policy. Also, there is a clear explanation how cookies are used on the website of DataInfoTools. The major focus of using cookies is to improve the user experience on our website. There are multiple sorts of cookies used on site to track the search interests of users and provide them with more relevant suggestions and results as per their preferences. Also, at a certain point in time, we review the cookies used on our side and make a comprehensive audit to keep them updated.

What are Cookies?

A cookie refers to tiny “.txt” files that are used by the web server to track your online activities on a particular website. These text files can be sent to your mobile, computer or web server to analyze your search interest on the website. Basically, cookies store some of the non-personal information of the user to track their activities such as IP addresses, browser frequently used the referral links and other relevant data.

The cookies help us to improve the site structure and other related services to please our users and make them provide what they actually looking for. The information collected by cookies helps us to achieve the highest customer satisfaction rate by introducing us to your online search preferences and interest.

There are mainly two types of cookies as per their time of storage, used by us:

The cookies are differentiated into several categories which are mentioned below. You can change the cookies which are stored in your web browser.

Necessary or essential cookies:

This type of cookies is important for the proper functioning of our website. These cookies are mainly specified for users and enable them to view our site and services in a comprehensive manner.

Performance and Analytical Cookies:

These cookies are location-based cookies which enable us to track the performance of our site in different areas. With this type of cookies, we can analyze our shortcoming in particular area and the portion liked by our users according to the time they spent on it. This information helps us to optimize our services and performance in certain areas.

Session State Cookies:

These cookies are used to track the time difference between your visit and if you encounter any error while using a particular page. So, with the help these cookies, we make each your session more pleasing by providing you the exact result you are searching for.

Behavioral cookies:

To provide you the content as per your interest and requirements, these cookies are really helpful and essential. The cookies track the information of age and gender and other information. This will note the number of times you visited our site and help us to alter our services for the better experience.

How can you control cookies?

To manage the cookies there is a particular option in the settings of your web browser. But if you don’t allow the cookies to track your cookies it will directly affect your user experience and won’t let you enjoy the site in the best possible manner. If you disable the cookies it can cause several other effects such as the inability to personalize your experience or customize the search information.

If you are looking to clear the cookies from your device, you can delete them from the hard disk of your system. Also, you can modify the settings in your web browser to manage your cookies. But make sure you are ready to have less user-friendly experience by disabling the functioning of cookies.

Cookies and Browser Settings:

To understand the complete procedure of preventing new cookies to save, deleting existing cookies and get a notification for every new cookie, you can use the Help section of your web browser. Also, there are several add-ons available to prevent the cookies on your device.

How can you deactivate the analytical Cookies?

In order to stop the functioning of analytical cookies used by our website, click on the link provided below: Google Analytics:

How can you deactivate the Behavior Cookies?

If you want to deactivate the behavior cookies, click on the below given link:


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